Selection Process

Each public school district and private school in Missouri is eligible to nominate at least one sophomore student for the Academy. Home schooled students will also be considered. Larger schools have the option of nominating more than one student on a prorated basis according to enrollment. Nominees must be Missouri residents enrolled in a public or private Missouri school. Information about the number of students each school can nominate is posted on the nomination process page.

Schools nominating students for the Academy are required to provide specific information to the University of Missouri. A selection committee comprised predominately of teachers from across the state will evaluate nominations.

All nominations are out of 100 possible points.

Scholar participants are selected on the basis of the following criteria and factors:

  • Grade point average. 32 points maximum
  • Aptitude Test Scores. 60 points maximum
  • Two student essays. 40 points maximum
  • Two letters of recommendation, at least one from a teacher. 28 points maximum
  • Evidence of leadership, creativity, intellectual curiosity, problem-solving ability, initiative, and the projected benefits to the student for participating in the Academy, as described in two letters of recommendation from persons of the student’s choosing
  • Commitment to participate fully in the Academy’s offerings