Faculty Information

Scope of Responsibility

During a regular year, the Academy is in session seven days a week; classes meet six days a week. Full-time faculty have the following responsibilities:

  1. Faculty members are required to attend all pre-academy training and orientations
  2. Each faculty member will plan and teach a three-hour course six mornings a week that will represent an “academic major” for students. Morning courses will be offered in the areas of humanities, mathematics, social studies and science. Prospective faculty members should understand that the Academy defines these four areas very broadly. Therefore, proposals in philosophy, anthropology, economics, foreign languages, and classical studies, for example, also are appropriate. Interdisciplinary courses are encouraged. For examples of past courses offered, please see this page.
  3. Each full-time faculty member is also responsible for a one-hour course to be offered five afternoons a week as an “academic minor” for students. For “minor” classes, faculty may propose to offer a version of their morning courses with a more limited focus, or they may propose to offer a totally different course in the afternoon.
  4. Full-time faculty members are expected to co-teach (with an assigned RA Co-Facilitator) in the Academy’s Cor: Personal and Social Dynamics program. This curriculum addresses the unique personal and social needs of gifted students. The goal is to provide students with greater insight and understanding of their special abilities, the advantages they enjoy, and their responsibilities to themselves and society. For one hour each weekday afternoon, co-facilitators lead small group discussions based on pre-set curriculum.
  5. All faculty members are expected to submit course descriptions that will be posted on the academy web site. In addition, faculty members are expected to participate in all evaluation activities of the Academy.
  6. This is a full time position – faculty are expected to devote the entire three weeks, plus training, to MSA – there is little time for other work and responsibilities during the Academy.

Timetable for 2024 Academy

Teaching offer acceptances deadlineFebruary
Faculty/Staff WorkshopApril 20
Academy Faculty/Staff OrientationJune 5-8
AcademyJune 9-29
Post-Academy ActivitiesAfternoon of June 29


Full-time faculty will receive $5,000. Transportation expenses to and from Columbia will not be reimbursed.

Housing and Meals

Faculty members who choose campus housing will be provided accommodations adjacent to the University of Missouri campus. In order to encourage development of a total residential experience for both scholars and faculty, faculty will be provided meals on campus. Some meals before and after the Academy will not be provided.


The facilities of the University of Missouri are at the disposal of the Academy faculty. Classrooms, laboratories, museums, library resources, etc., are available for use by Academy faculty and students.


A reasonable budget for instructional materials is available for the Academy. Faculty members must submit requests for instructional materials and equipment in advance.


Applications will remain open from 12:00 AM November 1, 2023 to 5:00 PM December 1, 2023.

Follow this link to apply today!