RA & Staff Information

All inquiries about positions should be addressed to MOScholarsAcademy@missouri.edu.

Coordinator of Residential Life 

The Coordinator of Res Life (CRL) for MSA is full-time position for the month of June. There will be two co-coordinators of residential life for the June 2024 Academy. Duties before and during the Academy will be shared between the two CRLs and include the following:

  • Serve on the hiring committee for all RA, Faculty and Staff positions
  • Attend MSA’s April training session and conduct a one-hour initial training session with RAs in attendance
  • Revise and distribute the RA Handbook
  • Coordinate all pre-Academy Coordinator Duties (e.g. Scholar/RA room assignments, Res Hall arrangements for move-in, etc.)
  • Coordinate all pre-Academy RA Duties
  • Correspond with scholars and families prior to the start of the Academy
  • Conduct, if possible, one of the spring information sessions for incoming scholars, parents and guardians
  • Train and supervise 18-20 RAs beginning the Wednesday before the Academy begins and ending the Sunday after the Academy ends. This includes planning and coordinating four days of pre-Academy training
  • Supervise the MSA Office Staff and assign RA responsibilities
  • Determine and communicate the duties of lead RAs during the Academy
  • Coordinate MSA’s “takeover” and “teardown” of Mark Twain Residence Hall with campus Res Life staff, including laundry facilities, building maintenance, etc.
  • Present Res Life expectations to scholars and parents during Opening Informational Session
  • Assist with special events (Alumni Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, Family Day, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, etc.)
  • Collaborate with programming staff to ensure RA presence at all events, including morning exercise, and to schedule drivers for off-campus activities
  • Conduct daily staff meetings with RAs, Program Coordinator, and Cor Coordinator during the Academy
  • Refer scholars to MSA Mental Health Counselors as appropriate
  • Liaise with Med Staff for scholar needs
  • Meet regularly with MSA Directors
  • Offer post-Academy evaluations of RAs for possible returner considerations
  • Other duties as required

CRL Salary, Housing, and Meals

Each CRL will receive $6,000. Room and board at the Academy will be provided; some meals before and after the Academy will not be provided. Transportation to and from Columbia will not be reimbursed.

Applications for the 2024 Coordinator of Residential Life are closed.

Resident Assistants

Each RA will work closely with 15-20 rising high school juniors, assisting and advising them. Resident assistants will help create an atmosphere that encourages students to take advantage of all that the Academy has to offer. They ensure that rules and regulations of the Academy are followed. The RAs also assist with the academic and/or extracurricular programs, under the supervision of the Coordinators of Residential Life and according to their own talents and interests. For one hour each weekday, RAs will help lead a minor class in the Academy’s Cor: Personal and Social Dynamics curriculum under the guidance of the Cor: PSD coordinator. Candidates for the position should have experience working with high school students (especially those who are academically gifted). Experience as a resident assistant at a college or university would be helpful, though not required. Applicants must have graduated high school by the time RA applications open to apply for this position. This typically means they have completed their freshman year of college or taken a gap year by the start of the Academy.

Watch this video from former Coordinator of Res Life, Jenny Blank, to get a sense of the RA role!

Timetable for 2024 Academy

Spring Faculty/Staff WorkshopApril 20
RA PreparationsJune 4
Academy Faculty/Staff OrientationJune 5-8
AcademyJune 9-29
Post-Academy ActivitiesJune 30-July 1

RA Salary, Housing, and Meals

New resident assistants will receive $2,500. Returning RAs will receive $2750. Lead RAs will receive $3000. Room and board at the Academy will be provided; some meals before and after the Academy will not be provided. Transportation to and from Columbia will not be reimbursed.

RA Applications for the 2024 Missouri Scholars Academy are closed.

Community Service Liaison

Duties include:

  • Plan MSA’s Day of Service on the first Saturday of the Academy
  • Organize community 2-3 service events per week for scholars from 4:15-5:15 on weekday afternoons
  • Accompany scholars to all service events
  • Document hours for each scholar and print certificates for them at the conclusion of the Academy
  • Coordinate the awarding of the Kevin Heisinger Memorial Community Service Award:  accept and read applications, consult with the RAs and faculty to choose a recipient, present award at the Closing Ceremony
  • Write blurb for the website on the winner

Community Service Liaison Salary

The Community Service Liaison will receive $500 for their work during the Academy.

CSL Applications for the 2024 Missouri Scholars Academy are closed.

Photography & Social Media Manager

Duties include:

  • Take faculty/RA photos at the MSA staff picnic prior to the Academy
  • Be on-site for specific Academy events, including class and house photos, Move-in Day, Opening Day group photo, Teacher Appreciation Day, Alumni Day, etc
  • Take photos at weekend dances, as well as weekly afternoon and evening programs
  • Maintain the MSA Photo Circle folder, adding your photos and downloading/utilizing photos provided by other MSA staff
  • Regularly upload high-res photos to One Drive throughout Academy for social media posts
  • Create a 25-minute end of Academy slideshow with music Work with MSA administrators to plan enjoyable events during the Academy (eg. an Alumni Day or Teacher Appreciation Day photobooth, etc).

Office Staff

Duties include:

  • Assist in retrieving and sorting the mail/packages
  • Sort and distribute daily schedules to all staff mailboxes
  • Help decorate Mark Twain Hall and prepare it for the Academy, prior to the arrival of scholars
  • Assist with nightly “lights out” checks
  • Create and post birthday signs for scholars
  • Post the daily schedule
  • Coordinate attendance of scholars who may be missing from class
  • Keep an organized desk log
  • Work the front desk (includes talking to Mark Twain visitors and interacting with parents/staff via phone call)
  • Assist in making and distributing copies for staff members
  • Keep the office neat and organized
  • Post daily sign-up sheets for activities and determine which scholars attend the activity
  • Drive scholars to and from activities that are off-campus
  • Provide general assistance to the head of the office
  • Help check-in/out scholars from the Academy and collect paperwork
  • Transport supplies via golf cart for staff members
  • Pack up the Academy once the scholars leave
  • Other duties as needed

Office Staff Salary, Housing, and Meals

Lead office staff will receive $3,000 for their work during the Academy. Assistant Office Staff members will receive $2,750. Room and board at the Academy will be provided; some meals before and after the Academy will not be provided. Transportation to and from Columbia will not be reimbursed.

Office Staff applications for the 2024 Missouri Scholars Academy are closed.

Med Staff

Every summer, MSA hires four med students, usual between their first and second year, to staff one of the following shifts every day during the three weeks the Academy is in session:

Breakfast: M-F (7:15-8:45); Sat (7:45-9:15) Sun (8:15-9:45)

Lunch: M-F (11:30-1) Sat/Sun (12-1:30)

Dinner: 5:15-6:45, daily

Late Evening: 9:15-10:45, daily

All Med Staff are responsible for reviewing initial health and medication forms, working at one of the check-in tables on move-in day, distributing medications, keeping appropriate records of scholar visits, and assessing minor health issues (headaches, colds, dehydration, etc.) among the scholars as they arise. Med Staff should discuss any specific scholar concerns with the Coordinator of Residential Life and/or make appropriate referrals.

The position pays a flat-rate of $700. Interested persons should contact Dr. Harper directly: harperrp@missouri.edu