Help keep MSA accessible for future scholars!

MSA needs your help! The Missouri legislature is starting to create the budget for 2024. The proposed funding for both MSA and another Missouri program would make the cost of attendance over $1,300 for each future scholar.

So, here is where YOU come in! Help us advocate for full academy funding.

Please send a letter — handwritten or email — to all 14 members of the Missouri House Appropriations Committee. Explain why it’s so important for MSA to be fully funded!

Make sure to share with other MSA friends! BOOMBA thanks!

List of members of the House Appropriations Committee:

Lewis, Rep.
Shields, Rep.
Windham, Rep. Minority Member
Burnett, Rep.
Chappell, Rep.

Christofanelli, Rep. Phil
Gragg, Rep.
Hurlbert, Rep.
Oehlerking, Rep.
Proudie, Rep.
Richey, Rep.
Steinhoff, Rep.
Taylor, Rep.
Voss, Rep.
Sample Letter:

The Honorable ______

House of Representatives

State Capitol Building

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Dear Representative _______________ :

I am writing to respectfully request you fully fund the Missouri Scholars Academy and the Missouri Fine Arts Academy at $850,000.000 in the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s budget — House Bill 2.

**** Give your specific examples of why this funding is needed ****


Your name